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Why You Should Travel

I imagine most travel bloggers have a post with a similar theme as this one and for good reason.  Travel boasts so many benefits beyond rest and rejuvenation or excitement and adventure, though those are good enough reasons to take a trip.  Travel is an investment that yields rewards for years to come.

Even though any trip can be awesome, I personally believe the more you go outside your comfort zone, the more enriching the experience is.  Sure, there is comfort in staying on a cruise ship or resort or going somewhere local and familiar, and it may be loads of fun, but immersing yourself in a completely different culture or economy, going somewhere you don’t speak the language, or venturing out on your own are the kinds of risks that can be the most rewarding.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the folks who say ‘Why travel outside the U.S. when there is so much to explore right here?’ have never traveled internationally?  Those who have ventured further know there is so much to learn, experience, see, and do in the world that expands beyond their own backyard.

Coincidentally, seeing things elsewhere has the twist of helping you see things in your own environment that you never noticed before.  Travel helps you see the world and your own world differently.  By expanding your worldview, it helps you develop compassion for others, openness to new ways of thinking and doing things, and an appreciation for the differences and commonalities among all people.  Exploring teaches you new skills and helps you discover abilities and confidence you didn’t know you had.  It also introduces you to new tastes, interests, and relationships you would have never experienced otherwise.  But don’t take my word for it.  Dive into travel and see for yourself 😊

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